Portfolio Shell for Janet G. Schwarz

Part I

  • Goals Statement (future link)
  • Résumé (future link)
  • Program of Study (future link)

Part II

  • Executive Overview of the Portfolio (future link)
  • Artifacts (future link)
  • Annotations (future link)

Professional Goals (ECI 511)

  • Apply newly learned instructional design skills and effective uses of technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my K-12 Spanish classroom.
  • Become competent in the skills and mastery necessary to become a K-12 Technology Coordinator, including the prerequisite steps I need to take in order to work in this position.

Professional Competencies (ECI 511)

  • Acquire the skillsets and familiarize myself with the expectations of instructional designers for K-12 education.
  • To be able to follow the ADDIE instructional design process in order to create learning modules, training sessions, or professional development opportunities for teachers.

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